Welcome ! We look forward to helping you hire commercially savvy graduate talent who can help grow and innovate your business! But first why not take a moment to tell us what it is YOU really want?

1) Which soft skills would you MOST like to see students and graduates develop before they enter the workplace?

Financial Intelligence
Negotiating Skills
Planning Strategies
Emotional Intelligence
Marketing Strategies
Communications Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Sales Techniques
Leadership Skills
Team Building Skills
Networking Skills
Personal Branding
Presentation Skills
Entrepreneurial Talent

2) Which soft skills do you currently develop within your in-house corporate development programs?

3) Would you be interested in creating a series of bespoke training courses for your applicants, interns or graduates to be featured on Wondergrads?


4) What do you like about the services offered by other student/graduate career sites?

5) Which sites do you currently use to advertise your graduate positions and / or select candidates from graduate databases?

6) What would you change about the services offered by other student/graduate career sites?

7) What services would you like to see Wondergrads make possible?

8) Do you think Wondergrads could be valuable to your recruitment process?

9) What selection processes would you like to see put in place to help you select the most talented graduates?

10) Are you interested in searching for graduates according to the soft skills they have developed (evidenced by online assessments)?

11) If you would like to recommend a corporate trainer or suggest a course please do so here:

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